About the District

The District: Political subdivision of the State of California, existing and operating under the California Water Code. Governed by a five member Board of Directors.

Location: In Fresno and Tulare Counties adjacent to the western foothills of the Sierra Nevada , about 30 miles southeast of Fresno and 20 miles north of Visalia.

Formed: 1937 for the purpose of importing surface water to the area, which is rich in soils and climate but limited in groundwater.

Size: 27,963 acres.

Ownership: Some 500 landowners.

Average Farm: 54 acres.

Water Supply

Surface water: 39,200 acre feet of Class I Contract supply from Friant Division
   of the Central Valley Project - CVP.
• Ground water: 27,500 acre-feet of safe yield pumped by landowners.
• Total: 66,700 acre-feet without effective precipitation.

Water Distribution System:
                       Pipelines: 123 miles of pipelines ranging in size from 12 to 42 inch                                           diameters.
                       Pumps: 50 pumps and motors.
                       Meters: 1,100 metered deliveries.

Irrigation Season:
                       March – November

Delivery Type:
                       Modified Demand - water is ordered 24 hours in advance of use for                                               Canal Operations - (OCID System Capable of Demand Delivery).

On-farm Irrigation Systems:
                       Over 95% of farms are on low-volume(micro sprinkler/
                       drip systems).

Highly Efficient H2O


Water Distribution System Modernization:

• Installation of 116 miles of new pipelines.
• Installation of 45 high efficiency pumps and motors.
• Installation of 1,100 highly accurate propeller flow meters (+/- 2%).
• Reduced water loss ranging from 10-14% to 0%.
• Provide water in quantity, rate and timing needed without prorate.
• Provide opportunity to optimize on-farm water management.
• Permit landowner operation of farm delivery rather than District staff.
• Increased District-wide pumping plant efficiency from 28-72%.

Miscellaneous Programs:

• Fishwater Release Hydroelectric Plant.
• Kings River Siphon Hydroelectric Plant.
• Friant Power Authority Member.
• Variable speed controllers and SCADA systems improvements.
• Water Management Software
• Electrical load management (TOU).

Current Issues

• Friant Kern Canal Subsidence - Water Imbalance in the San Joaquin Valley
• SGMA Groundwater Management - Kings River East GSA

 The District has satisfied its Repayment Obligation (its share of costs) to the
 United States for construction of the Friant Division.
 With this payoff the District has secured a Repayment Contract (9d Contract) which is not    subject to renewal / is perpetual.  This 9d Contract supersedes the District’s former Water    Supply Contract that was subject to renewal and had a
25 year term. 
• San Joaquin River Restoration Settlement Legislation(Public Law 111-11)
   Enacted by Congress March 30, 2009.
• Sacramento/San Joaquin River Delta Conveyance Challenges Threatening
   Water Supply.
• Western Water Milfoil Aquatic Weed in the Friant-Kern Canal.


• 20,939 acres of citrus (75%).
• 4,553 acres of deciduous orchards, nut crops and grapes (16%).
• 2,055 acres of miscellaneous field crops, vegetables and temporarily idled land
• 417 acres of non-agricultural lands.

Crop Production: $100 million to $140 million at the farm gate.

Consumptive Use: 75,900 acre feet (2.7 feet per acre).

District Operations

Staffing: 13 Employees from 1986-1991.
                   30-+ Employees from 1992-1997.
                   7 Employees from 1997 - 2014.
                   8 Employees from 2014 - 2016.

                   9 Employees from 2016 - 2017.
                   8 Employees from 2017 - 2023.
                   7 Employees from 2023 - Present.

Budget: $4.5+ million/year

Cost to Water Users

• Standby Charges: $86/acre paid by landowner (General & Administrative).

• Water: $25 - $95 per acre-foot at farmer's point of diversion – depending on                   energy delivery requirement and water supply.